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Tanning Salons in Wisconsin Dells

This blog post was published on February 18, 2014 and may contain outdated information.

It’s almost spring break season and that means it’s time to get a little pre-vacation color! If you’re comfortable with UV tanning, Wisconsin Dells has several locations with state of the art beds, tantastic lotions, and affordable packages. If not, they also offer UV free, completely safe, non-streak spray tans that look natural and give you a healthy glow.

Jamaican Me Tan

Located just past the main Downtown area of The Dells, Jamaican Me Tan is attached to Chrome hair salon for your head to toe beauty needs! Stand-up, lay down, super beds, infrared sauna treatments, and spray tanning, Jamaican Me Tan offers multiple options for getting color your way. If you’re just visiting, they offer single tan options or various package deals for those who want a few more visits to the tanning bed. The infrared sauna filters out the UV radiation so only the infrared rays tan you. Meanwhile, the rays also help to burn calories by raising your heart rate and releasing toxins, as well as lowering blood pressure, and increasing blood circulation. Their spray tan has DHA, the active ingredient that darkens the skin’s pigment, so you get a working bronzing agent on top of the color from the spray tan. P: 608-253-0464

La Petite

With the addition of a brand new stand up tanning bed, customers can guarantee a fantastic tan at an affordable package price. The high-pressure bulbs give you twice the tan in half the time! Choose from 6 minutes for those more UV sensitive or 12 minutes for those who tan well naturally. Their spray tan is a spray on bronzing system for a UV-free color that lasts 5-7 days. Just off the main strip, call for a spray tan appointment or stop in and get started with a tanning package. P: 608-254-2581


Located near Wilderness, Kalahari, and Great Wolf, visitors can drive just a short distance for impressive tanning beds, and other health and workout needs. Incredibly affordable tanning packages, GNC offers beds with a wide range of tanning levels so whether you tan well or are a little more sensitive, you can find the right bed and tanning package for your skin type. P: 608-355-0726

With several convenient locations and various ways to get a kiss of color, tanning in Wisconsin Dells is easy, affordable, and catered to you! Get prepared for that spring break trip, or head home from vacation a little more bronze than before, either way you will love showing off your new glow!

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