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Spring Fishing in the Dells

This blog post was published on May 13, 2014 and may contain outdated information.

While many vacationers come to the Dells area for waterparks, mini golf, and concerts, others are looking for a different memory-making option. Dust off your tackle box and hit the water this spring season for some family friendly fishing fun!

Fishing is a great way to create long-lasting memories. Join us TONIGHT at Kaminski Park on the shores of Lake Delton a FREE fishing event from 4:00pm-6:00pm! Bring a pole if you have one, but no bait or equipment necessary. Chaperones are are encouraged to attend. If you have any questions regarding the Kaminski Park fishing event, please call (608) 254-7458

If you aren’t able to make it to the Kaminski Park event, there are plenty of other Wisconsin Dells family-friendly fishing options throughout the year.

Guide Services

Are you already and avid fisherman? Looking for the perfect gift for Father’s Day? From trout to musky, the Wisconsin Dells is home to several reliable fishing guide services. Guide services are set up to make your fishing experience simple, easy, and FUN. The Knitt Guide Services offer various different guided trips to fit your needs. Their 4 hour trip is designed for the fisherman that wants to target a specific species, or a family with kids that would prefer a shorter trip. If 4 hours just isn’t enough to suit your fishing bug, Knitt also offers a sun-up to sun-down trip! Bringing your own equipment is optional with many guides and you’ll have insights on the latest prime fishing spots!

Looking for a twist on traditional fishing? Give a guided bow fishing trip a try! Redbeard Bow Fishing tours are a great way to experience the beauty of the Wisconsin River in a whole new light! Click here for more information.


If you’d rather hit the lakes and rivers solo, the Dells has a plethora of fishing hotspots. With Lake Delton, the Wisconsin River, Castle Rock Lake, Mirror Lake, and Devil’s lake just a stone’s throw away, you’ll have no problem finding a spot to relax and make the perfect cast.

Fishing Tips

Walleyes are one of the most sought-after game fish of the spring spawning season, and a delicious addition to any dinner table. They are known to be sensitive to light and noise, and have a reputation for spooking easily. A little patience will reap BIG rewards while fishing the weedy beds! Equip yourself with an assortment of colorful jigs, live minnows, or crank-style baits. The best time to catch a hungry walleye is during the warmest afternoon hours. Warm temperatures help to speed metabolism and make for more active fish!

Crappie fishing is a great spring activity too! Male crappies strike at anything that comes near their nest. During their spring spawning, it’s best to fish near vegetation on the shoreline. Once the spawning is done and the warm summer sun beats down on the water, crappies can be found in deeper water pockets and sunken logs. Think about bringing some small minnows, it seems to be the crappie’s favorite!

Looking to land a monster this summer? Musky fishing offers up quite a thrill! Patience is key when it comes to landing the king of the lake! Musky are generally a solitary fish with picky taste. There are oodles of bait choices out there, and several guides in the area would be happy to show you the hotspots!

Click here for more Wisconsin DNR fishing tips.

Be sure to check fishing and weather reports before you head out. Bring the appropriate gear, be SAFE, and don’t forget to have fun!