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Spotlight on Driftless Glen Distillery

Baraboo is now home to its very own distillery! Just a short drive from Wisconsin Dells, Driftless Glen features a full working distillery as well as a delicious one of a kind restaurant on the scenic Baraboo River.

Driftless Glen Distillery specializes in soon to be 4 different vodkas, 4 different gins, 3 moonshines, cream spirits, and brandy. All of their spirits are available for purchase and are offered at the distillery’s full service bar. The surrounding Sand County region features a unique terroir that helps with the filtration of the areas water supply as well as the growth of grains used to distill spirits at Driftless Glenn. The spirits that Driftless Glen Distillery will produce most of is Bourbon & Rye; however, it is not ready yet, as hundreds of barrels are currently aging next door in the rick house. 

The distillery’s restaurant is located on the Baraboo River. As you dine, you can gaze your eyes down the river and you may see a glimpse of the elephants at Circus World Museum taking their daily bath or you might even see an eagle flying by. Driftless Glen Distillery is inventing and revolutionizing the concept of distillery food. Using the freshest ingredients, many have an element of spirits cooked into them. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Thursday through Sunday. On Sundays, they feature a brunch where they bring the brunch to you as opposed to serving yourself! That way you can enjoy the great atmosphere with family & friends in the beautiful setting on the Baraboo River.

Tours are offered as a way for guests to see the distilling process. For the low cost of $10, tours include tasting of 5-6 different spirits as well as 3 olive oils and 3 balsamic vinegars. Besides the tastings and seeing the different stages of the distillation process, tours include a walk through the barrel storage house and are not just educational, but very entertaining as well!

We welcome Driftless Glen Distillery to the area. For more information, go to: