Spotlight on: Noah’s Ark Waterpark®

Noah’s Ark Waterpark® is one of the most recognized Waterparks in Wisconsin Dells. Since it’s opening in 1979 with bumper boats, go karts, can am racers, and the iconic ark building arcade along Highway 12, almost every year new slides and attractions have been added to make Noah’s Ark America’s Largest Waterpark®! The first waterslide complex, Jungle Rapids, was added in 1981.

Thrill Rides today include:

Surfing Safari
Bermuda Triangle
Black Anaconda
Black Thunder
Dark Voyage
Flash Flood
Point of No Return
Scorpion’s Tail
Time Warp

Group Rides today include:

Congo Bongo
Sting Ray

Rides for the Kiddies include:

Adventure River
Bahama Falls
Big Kahuna Wave Pool
Big Kahuna Kiddie Area
Bumper Bats
Endless River
Endless River Kiddie Area
Jumping Waters
Paradise Lagoon
Tadpole Bay Kiddie Play Zone
The Wave Wavepool

Dry Activities Include:

4-D Dive-In Theater
Hooligan’s Harbor

In recent years, Noah’s Ark Waterpark® has significantly increased the family-friendly dining options available within the park. With funnel cakes, Hebrew National Hot Dogs & Johnsonville Brats, and even a Hardee’s Food Truck, there are so many options for everyones liking within the park! The Dole Whip Oasis offers pineapple, vanilla, and orange soft serve that is both fat free and lactose free! Potato Patch, Kahuna Cafe, and the 2×2 cafe with delicious Villa Prima Pizza are all great dining options within the park. There are also more healthier options such as veggies and garden salads and different food shops around Noah’s Ark! To cool off on a hot day, be sure to try a Dippin Dots Ice Cream of the Future, Breyer’s Ice Cream in the Wave area, or an ICEE Slushee in the Sting Ray Food Court.

In 2016, TripAdvisor awarded Noah’s Ark Waterpark®  the Traveler’s Choice award, ranking the park in the top 1% of parks worldwide! Noah’s Ark Waterpark® is currently ranked in the top 10 waterparks in the U.S. and the top 25 Waterparks in the world! Each year since 2011, the park has received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award. Every year since 1995, they have received the Award for Aquatic Safety!


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There’s no shortage of reasons to visit Noah’s Ark Waterpark on your next visit to Wisconsin Dells. For more information, visit: