September Movie Preview

From cute kid’s movies to edge-of-your-seat thrillers, September’s upcoming movie releases have a little something for everyone.

9/12 Dolphin Tale 2 – Believe in the power of friendship, family and hope this fall with this feel good film! Dolphin Tale 2 (sequel to Dolphin Tale) continues to follow the story of Winter, an inspiring dolphin with a mechanical tail. Winter loses her surrogate mother and now needs a new companion in order to stay at Clearwater Marine Hospital. A light is shed on the situation when an abandoned baby dolphin, Hope, arrives at the facilities. The team marine hospital team must come together to help these two dolphins form a bond that is necessary to save them both. Dolphin Tale 2 is a compelling, heart-warming story the whole family will love!

9/12 No Good Deed – An intense thriller, No Good Deed features a suburban housewife named Terri who is enjoying a normal night at home with her two kids. A knock at the door changes everything. The man at the door (Colin) claims he’s dealing with a bit of car trouble and asks to use the family’s phone. Opening the front door opens a world of chaos as Colin turns out to be an escaped convict determined to torment Terri and her family.

9/19 The Maze Runner – Based on the best selling sci-fi series by James Dashner, The Maze Runner is an action-packed, mystery film that will have the whole family on the edge of their seats! Thomas awakens to find himself in a cage and void of any memories. The cage opens to reveal about 30 male teenager faces staring at him, each without memory. These young men, or Gladers, all find themselves trapped in a place called The Glade. Surrounded by a maze that hides endless terrors, the Gladers must find their way out or face the consequences.

9/19 This is Where I Leave You – A fathers dying wish is that all four of his adult children spend a week together in their childhood home with their eccentric mother. Forcing spouses, exes, and crushes together for a week is bound to create some crazy incidences. Laugh after laugh, this star packed cast with have you laughing with them all night long!

9/26 The Boxtrolls – Based on the children’s novel “Here Be Monsters” by Alan Snow, The Boxtrolls is a fun-filled animated film that will have the kids captivated! Misunderstood and forced to hide and live underground, the Boxtrolls have a knack for taking people’s unwanted trash and turning it into spectacular devices. When an orphan boy finds his way to them, they decide to raise him as their own. When an exterminator threatens the Boxtrolls existence, the boy leads them on a wild adventure that might just save them all!

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