Science-Minded Attractions

Are you interested in the way things work? Always curious and asking questions? Like to explore the way things are made? Then this blog is for you! For the science-minded folk, Wisconsin Dells is home to a variety of attractions that will have you racking your brain and using your powers of deduction! We’ve highlighted some interesting attractions in the area that have scientific qualities and help us to understand the world by seeing, observing and testing!

Tommy Bartlett Exploratory

The Tommy Bartlett Exploratory – Interactive Science Center is like none other. The perfect spot for family fun, the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory has over 175 interactive exhibits and activities. The exhibits revolve around the wonders of science, highlighting space and technology. You’ll experience science in a whole new way at the Exploratory. Test your strength with the Giant Lever; can you single-handedly lift a car? Take center stage at the Virtual Sports Center exhibit, or get a first-hand experience with static electricity at the Van De Graaff Generator – Bridge of Fire exhibit (don’t forget your camera!). A truly educational and memorable experience for all ages, the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory will leave you wanting to learn more about science! The Tommy Bartlett Exploratory is located at 560 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy in Wisconsin Dells.

Cave of the Mounds

Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and just a 45-minute drive from Wisconsin Dells, Cave of the Mounds is well worth the trip! The landmark is celebrating this 2014 season, 75 years since the discovery of the Cave! Cave of the Mounds gets the nickname of “jewel box of America’s major show caves” for a reason, and since opening has become one of the premier cave locations in the upper Midwest. The Cave’s guided tours are the perfect way to soak up information about the location while viewing the stalactites, stalagmites, columns and other formations the cave has to offer. Don’t worry, the paths are lighted and paved for ease and safety! Cave of the Mounds is located at 2975 Cave of the Mounds Road in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin.

Wizard Quest

For those of you wizard and dragon fans, Wizard Quest is for you! This 13,000 sq. ft. labyrinth will have you searching for clues to help rescue four imprisoned wizards. Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat, you’ll have to solve puzzles, answer riddles, find secret passageways and overcome obstacles in order to help the wizards escape. Work as a team to finish this hour-and-a-half long quest. Wizard Quest is designed with teens and adults in mind, and is located at 105 Broadway in downtown Wisconsin Dells.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Seeking the strange? Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is the perfect place to fill an afternoon with the unusual. Since the 1933 World’s Fair, Robert Ripley has entertained audiences everywhere with a large collection of oddities. Ripley’s unusual items started as a fair exhibit and morphed into a series with radio appearances, books and a museum series of almost 40 locations. You can’t miss Ripley’s on Broadway. The attraction’s facade looks as if it has been hit by a plane! Once inside, visitors can explore eight galleries of oddball items including a 5,000 year old bottle of beer, a portrait of Elvis made from butterflies and much more! Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is located at 115 Broadway in downtown Wisconsin Dells.

Dells Mining Co.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to mine for precious stones, then the Dells Mining Co. is the perfect fit for you! Entrance to the mining attraction is free, and if you choose to try your hand at a mining experience, the various dirt buckets range from $15 to $120. All sizes of buckets contain dirt collected from large US mines and are guaranteed to contain gems of various shapes and sizes. As a miner, you are permitted to keep all the gems that are contained in your bucket. Choose to keep your gem as is, or have the stone cut and set into a ring, bracelet or necklace of your choice. What a perfect keepsake for your trip to Wisconsin Dells!

So strap on your thinking caps and enjoy a day of fun at one of the science-minded attractions here in Wisconsin Dells! For a complete list of Dells attractions, visit