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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Road Trip to Wisconsin Dells

As exciting as it is to be driving to The Dells for a thrilling family vacation, the drive here can sometimes make for a long and exhausting trip. We want to share some road trip games and activities to make the drive actually fun. Be sure to check out our Pinterest board “Just Awesome” for more ideas!

  1. The License Plate Game

    Always a great go-to, this game is one that’s easy and safe for the driver to play as well. In case you haven’t played, the game simply consists of spotting license plates from different states, whoever has found the most by the end of the road trip wins! Check online for a printable license plate map, which will make it more fun and interactive for the kids while helping them to know what all the license plates look like.

  2. Nature Bingo Cards

    Printable versions are available for free, online. This will encourage kids to look outside on road trips rather than having their eyes glued to electronics. Plus, they learn about new plants, trees, animals, and more!

  3. The Alphabet Game

    Similar to the license plate game, everyone starts with “A” and works their way through the alphabet spotting things along the road that start with that letter. First one to “Z” wins!

  4. Virtual Hide and Seek

    Everyone takes turns being the hider while the rest are seekers. The hider chooses a spot in his or her house to “hide” while everyone else tries to guess the location.

  5. The “Along The Way” App

    Be sure to download this app before your travels, as it will tell you about attractions, restaurants, coffee stops, and other points of interest you’ll be passing on your way to The Dells!

We hope these activities make your road trip to Wisconsin Dells much more entertaining. Of course, nothing compares to finally arriving and splashing around in the land of waterparks! Safe travels everyone.