Retro Attractions Preview

Retro is in this summer, and to celebrate, we’re focusing on the many retro attractions of Wisconsin Dells past and present!

We’ve had a blast looking through old advertisements and postcards, and have spent time gathering stories and first-hand accounts. Although we can’t mention all the many wonderful attractions of years past, we have selected a few to highlight. The retro attraction blogs will be jam packed with memories, photos, brochures and more! This blast to the past will re-visit many of the classic visitor favorites. Attractions of days gone by such as The Wonder Spot, Fort Dells, Stand Rock Indian Ceremonial, Storybook Gardens, Xanadu, and The Royal Wax Museum will be taking center stage yet again! The series will also highlight some attractions like the Tommy Bartlett Show, The Duck Tours, Lost Canyon Tours, and the Dells Boat Tours that have stood the test of time.

Get ready for a stroll down memory lane!

We would love to hear your vintage Wisconsin Dells attraction stories and see your photos! Share them with us at!