Restaurant of the Month: Carvelli’s Pizza & Pasta House

When Carvelli’s opens up its sidewall to reveal the outdoor portion of their bar, you know summertime in The Dells has begun. A fantastic view of Downtown Dells, there’s nothing quite like welcoming the warm weather with one of Carvelli’s signature martinis while relaxing at the outdoor bar.

Benvenuti (welcome) to Carvelli’s! A little slice of Italy in Downtown Dells, Carvelli’s is family owned by people with a passion for Italian food and running top-notch restaurants. Authentic Italian cuisine, the rich flavors and decadence of Italy await you at Carvelli’s.

Begin your experience at Carvelli’s with their happy hour, which you can enjoy at the spectacular indoor/outdoor bar or a table. Either way, what could be a better start to an evening in The Dells than with buy-one-get-one appetizers and drinks? From crispy, fully loaded bruschetta to melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella in carrozza, you’ll be thrilled you get to try two appetizers for the price of one as they are all delicious. Pair your appetizer with a glass of fine wine or a delightful martini.

If you’re strolling along Downtown Dells earlier in the day, be sure to stop in Carvelli’s for lunch! Lighter fare is served during daytime hours including: paninis, sandwiches, and wraps. Try the meatball Panini, which has hearty, homemade meatballs smothered in marinara sauce and covered in a thick layer of melted mozzarella cheese for a scrumptious lunchtime meal.

Your dinnertime meal options include: pizza, calzones, pasta, salads, soups, chicken, veal, pork, seafood, fish, and a kid’s menu of course. Carvelli’s pizzas are an ideal option for families or groups looking to share. Hawaiian, vegetarian, deluxe, margarita… the list is seemingly endless for a delectable, cheesy creation the whole family will love! Their pasta dishes are perfect for vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. Every entrée dish is loaded with spices and herbs for a meal that’s bursting with flavor. Accompany your unforgettable meal with a salad and Carvelli’s famous bread, and you have a dinner made in heaven.

Complete your evening with some dolci (dessert) and it’s almost guaranteed that Carvelli’s will have you hooked; excited to return time and time again. You can dine downstairs, close to all the action and excitement of Downtown Dells, or in a cozy, corner booth. You can also request a table upstairs where you can enjoy the view without all the action. Either way, you’ll love your time in the Little Italy of Downtown Dells!

Can’t make it for lunch, happy hour, or dinner? Carvelli’s bar is open late for a classy place to grab a drink or two, enjoy some people watching, and relax as the summertime evening breeze kisses your face. Welcome to Italy my friends.

Happy Eating!