You’ve been “living it up” in downtown Wisconsin Dells but need a break complete with some delicious food in order to fuel up for the rest of your day. Dells Brat-N-Corn is your stop for affordable food that is served up quick and will be sure to leave you full and satisfied! As the master of comfort food, they serve up the most mouth-watering creations found at state fairs from around the country. As the only place to serve their custom made brats and roasted corn, Dells Brat-N-Corn is a real treat the whole family is sure to enjoy.

Coming from Chicago, it was rare for the owners and founders of Dells Brat-N-Corn to be able to find good, old-fashioned Wisconsin brats. With so many visitors coming to the Dells from Illinois, they decided this would be a great location to sell some Wisconsin favorites! Klement’s Sausage of Milwaukee loved the idea so much that they paired with Dells Brat-N-Corn to create a sizzling one-of-a-kind brat only sold at this location. They also have brat sliders available which includes three mini-brats: one original, one cheddar and one jalapeno, for a trio that is bursting with flavor.

Besides the brat, another favorite Wisconsin food is corn on the cob. Dells Brat-N-Corn is the only place to get roasted corn in the Dells so this is a must visit for corn on the cob lovers! Their sweet bi-color corn comes from Georgia and is served to you dripping in butter for melt in your mouth perfection. For those with more cultured tastes, Elote corn is also available. Latin style, this corn on the cob is served to you with mayo, chili powder and Parmesan cheese.

Dells Brat-N-Corn is also famous for their homemade sides, featuring their fries. “Fresh cut fries, right before your eyes!” True to their slogan, Dells Brat-Corn freshly cuts and cooks their fries right in front of you. They use a multi-step process that results in the most appetizing, perfect, golden-brown fries in town. If you love cheese curds as well, be sure to order the “run the cow through the field” which is a combined serving of their French fries and cheese curds. The cheese curds are the best in the Dells and ensure incredible taste as they are made using the finest quality white-cheddar cheese.

The new Dells Brat-N-Corn is an ideal place for lunch, dinner or a weekend after bar snack. You cannot visit Wisconsin without tasting some true classics and this is the best place in town. Stop in for a sit down meal or grab a quick bite through the to-go window, either way you are guaranteed to enjoy every bite!

Dells Brat-N-Corn is open April through October, seven days a week from 11 a.m. until ? and usually open until 3 a.m. on weekends. For more information and to view the whole menu, visit www.dellsbratncorn.com or www.dells.com.

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