Rare Passenger Pigeon Print in Wisconsin Dells

History can be kept alive in many ways and this print of Passenger Pigeons commemorates their lengthy history with Wisconsin, The Dells in particular, in an artistic and beautiful way. Having been extinct nearly a century, it’s these birds’ unique history that has kept them in the memory of Wisconsinites.

Bud Gussel is one such local that has fought to tell their story. He acquired the original painting of two Passenger Pigeons above The Wisconsin River 1986. Painted by Owen Gromme, a longtime friend of Gussel’s, it has been reproduced with permission from the Gromme family and distributed to more than 600 Wisconsin schools and libraries.

Gussel’s goal is to eventually send the print to every Wisconsin public library and school. Fans of the painting and/or history enthusiasts can receive a FREE print as well simply just by asking. Visitors and locals alike can stop by Holiday Wholesale (220 Pioneer Drive, Wisconsin Dells) at anytime and pick up one free 17’x23’ print per interested person.

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