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Public Information in the Dells

You’ve made it to Wisconsin Dells! You’re all checked in to your hotel room and have already spent the day splashing around at the waterpark. Now it’s time to start your journey in the historic Downtown Wisconsin Dells! Before you head downtown, I would suggest downloading this area map and taking a glance at it:

Whether you’re Downtown Dells for a boat tour, restaurant, or to explore the unique shops, this map shows all of the Public Parking lots as well as Public Restrooms throughout the Dells. If you need to mail something back home, you’ll find 2 Post Offices. One in Lake Delton (square A-5), and one in Downtown Dells next to the Municipal Pool (square C-3). If an unexpected emergency comes up or you need to claim a lost article, the Wisconsin Dells Police Department is conveniently located right downtown at 712 Oak Street (square C-3). This map also features many other tools to help you find where you are going and what the area offers. 

Now you want to check out a few individual attractions, which restaurants are the best, and what other services are offered in the Wisconsin Dells area. With over 400 businesses in Wisconsin Dells, you can explore most of them while cruising through our online travel guide. With seasonal publications staying up to date on the latest Wisconsin Dells attractions, dining, lodging, camping, & shopping, you can view the online travel guide at:

Wisconsin Dells is known as a year-round destination because of the indoor waterpark resorts and attractions. Now is the time of year when you want to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Whether dining on an outdoor patio or admiring the summer breeze on a boat ride, none of that would be possible without some sunny weather. For a simple look at the weather forecast in Wisconsin Dells, check out:

The above information is a guide to help your getaway to Wisconsin Dells run smoothly. For more general tourism information, head on over to: