Need for Speed

Attention thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies… this one’s for you!

Mt. Olympus Theme Park & Water Park was highlighted in the New York Times (7/27/2014) for their exceptional wooden roller coaster, Hades 360. That got us thinking about the need for speed! Wisconsin Dells is home to many thrilling attractions. The exciting twists and turns of roller coasters, gushing water of waterslides, and sheer speed to the rides are sure to get your adrenaline flowing! Here’s just a portion of the speedy attractions the Dells has to offer!

Mt. Olympus Theme Park & Water Park – Hades 360

The New York Times calls the coaster “relentless”! After undergoing a makeover to add its signature inversion in 2013, Hades 360 has been thrilling riders with every turn. This coaster is labeled as “aggressive” by Mt. Olympus, and it’s recommended for riders to keep their hands down. You’re in for a ride as soon as you leave the station! At its peak, the coaster screams down a 134-foot drop reaching speeds of 70 mph! The defining feature of Hades 360 is the 360-degree roll.

Your admission to Mt. Olympus Theme Park also gets you access to their speedy go-karts and phenomenal water park! Be sure to try out all 8 go-kart tracks and 44 waterslides! Admission to the parks is free when you stay at one of the Mt. Olympus Resorts, so make a weekend of this one-stop shop for speed!

Jet Boat Adventures

Hop on one of the 58 passenger jet boats at Jet Boat Adventures and experience the rumble and power of a 1200 horsepower engine! Tours are available on both the Upper Dells and Lower Dells of the Wisconsin River, featuring 10 miles of stunning-natural scenery. Your fast and furious, 50 minute tour is guided by an expert pilot/knowledgable guide. It’s an unforgettable experience that adrenaline junkies will love!

Noah’s Ark – Point of No Return

It only takes 5 seconds to drop 10 stories on the Point of No Return at Noah’s Ark! This nearly vertical, hair-raising plunge will have you screaming with excitement the entire way… and then some! It does a great job of walking a fine line between a thrilling, yet slightly terrifying water ride. While in the park, also check out the Black Anaconda! Your hands will be locked tightly on the inner tube’s handles. Speeds of the tubes reach 30 mph as you plummet down the Anaconda’s steep drops.

Skyscraper Ride

4 Gs at 60 mph… it doesn’t get much more intense than that! Add in the fact that you’re spinning 160 feet off of the ground and you’ll see why the Skyscraper Ride at Timber Falls is a pure adrenaline rush!

WildThing Jet Boats

At WildThing Jet Boats the motto is: 50% fast, 50% slow, 100% fun! The jet boats at WildThing use 1200 horsepower motors and can carry up to 40 passengers at a time. This thrilling ride will get you close to breathtaking views of natural beauty, lots of wildlife, and lots of water. The cruise travels through the Upper Dells Glacier Park with more than 20,000 gallons per minute thrusting you along!

So if you’re feeling the need for speed, plan a trip to the Dells! We’ve done the research to make your trip high-speed and fun! For more information on Wisconsin Dells attractions, visit