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May Movie Preview

Action and fantasy collide this month at the cinemas! Add a couple of good comedies and May is jam-packed with must-see flicks.

The Amazing Spider-Man: 2 – 05/02

Peter Parker’s (Spiderman) past and future clash as he discovers that special spider bite may not have been such an accident. After rescuing an OsCorp employee, Peter also finds he has unknowingly been a subject of their research. Meanwhile, the current CEO and father of Peter’s childhood best friend, Norman Osbourne, passes away leaving his son Harry as the new CEO of OsCorp; who takes their misguided research to a dangerous level. Will Spiderman’s powers be enough to stop the all-powerful and control hungry OsCorp while attempting to cling onto those he loves?

Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return – 05/09

Lea Michelle plays Dorothy who travels back to Oz to help save it from an evil Jester. Dorothy is called into action with the help of her friends the scarecrow, the lion, and the tin-man! On this colorful and crazy adventure, she meets new friends along the way as well including: the china doll princess, a marshmallow man, and a very silly, giant owl. Let’s hope this unlikely group is enough to save Oz from the Jester’s threat!

Neighbors – 05/09

Be ready to laugh your socks off as Zac Efron (Teddy) and Seth Rogen (Mac) take the neighborhood by storm in this battle of ultimate pranks! Mac moves to a new, seemingly quiet neighborhood to settle down with his wife, Kelly, and their newborn baby. Everything seems wonderful until they discover the fraternity living next door. Known for their wild parties and prankster ways, it’s family versus frat in a hilarious competition for peace versus party.

Godzilla – 05/16

An unstoppable force of nature, Godzilla rises once again to restore balance after the human race tampers with the creation of new creatures, which might just become mankind’s downfall. Nothing modern scientists create can stop this massive beast, forcing mankind to watch, defenseless, as Godzilla destroys everything in his path. There may be no stopping him this time…

X-Men: Days of Future Past – 05/23

Two wars rage on at once as the X-Men team up with their younger counterparts to save the world in two different time periods. As some of them struggle to change a world-altering occurrence from the past, the rest fight to hold on to the future in order to save both themselves and mankind. Your favorite X-Men from the original trilogy are back for the most epic X-men tale yet!

Maleficent – 05/30

Discover the darker side to Sleeping Beauty as Maleficent shares her story. Delve into this once pure fairy’s past and see what turned her heart so hard. After cursing Princess Aurora, Maleficent discovers she might be the key to peace between the lands and is therefore forced to take drastic measures. Torn between the forest and human kingdoms, Aurora and Maleficent’s choices might change both worlds forever.

Travel to the Land of Oz, watch as favorite fairy tales and comics come to life with new twists, struggle with mankind against an unstoppable force, or laugh until your stomach hurts as a crazy fraternity and a clever couple battle it out. No matter what genres you prefer, you’ll be enjoying yourself every weekend this month at Desert Star Cinema in Wisconsin Dells!