Yogi Bear™ Camp-Resort & Water Playground


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1 Review for Yogi Bear™ Camp-Resort & Water Playground

We stayed at the Wisconsin Dells Jellystone Campground last year in the end of June. We had a great time. We have two teens, a first grader and a preschooler. There were so many things to do in the area and we were in a pretty good location. Just far enough away from the tourist attraction. We were not far from a grocery store for last minute needs. The campground has an awesome pool with a big water slide that my kids loved, which does not cost extra. They all enjoyed the campground and the pool. There was a great water playground near the pool, which was also free! The campground sponsored lots of fun activities for the kids. Lifeguards were on duty at all water attractions and felt my children were safe. It was nice to be able to camp but also have tourist-type days in the Dells. Saved us some money to spend a day or two at the campground. We will definitely be back every year and plan to stay longer next time!