Booby Trap Escape Rooms


Looking for an exciting, interactive, and thought-provoking experience that can accommodate friends and family of all ages? Look no further than Booby Trap Escape Rooms! Get locked into your room of choice for 60 minutes, where you must rely on teamwork and brain power to complete your themed mission. Our 6 escape rooms are fully immersive experiences with cutting-edge technology that is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish! Whether you’re planning a work outing or a team-building event, our escape rooms are the perfect choice. Escape the ordinary and check out Booby Trap Escape Rooms today!

Our Rooms-

Slime Lab:
Our newest escape room combines a creative slime-making experience with a puzzling escape room. Create your own souvenir slime, escape the slime lab, and enjoy quality time with friends and family! This room is recommended for kids 12 and under. The experience lasts 45-60 minutes.

Cell Block E:
To avoid another mass escape from his prison, like that which occurred 20 years ago, the corrupt warden has given Cell Block E a major renovation. He believes he has outsmarted all the prisoners by installing updated technology & a tear-gas bomb into the maximum-security wing.​But, little does he know, one of his own guards aided in the escape all those years ago & they are ready to help again.​Can you find all their clues & escape the evil warden’s grasp before time run out?

Pharaoh’s Revenge:
You’re part of a large archeological dig team that’s looking for lost artifacts in the Egyptian desert. After returning from a supply run, you realize your team members are sick. It’s up to you to figure out what caused this sickness and help the team before it’s too late. Solve puzzles, break the curse, save your team!

Your spaceship is old and rusted. Beneath the rough exterior is a nuclear reactor that provides almost limitless power. The core of the nuclear reactor is leaking. Your team doesn’t have much time before it detonates. It’s up to you to fix the reactor before it’s too late.

It’s business as usual for the crew as your submarine sets off for another adventure. But everything changes when the captain calls “Mayday” and chaos erupts on the bridge. Is there a leak? Are there mechanical malfunctions? Repair the submarine before it’s too late!

Inventor’s Workshop:
I regret to inform you that Worthington, a famous inventor, passed away last night. Near the end, he became consumed by the fear of dying. He didn’t want his years of work to fall into the wrong hands. He thought you were very capable of continuing his own work. To do so, you must find his will before the bank arrives to seize control.


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