Wizard Quest


You are unlikely to find anything quite like Wizard Quest in your travels. The combination of a computer game and an interactive fantasy themed labyrinth, Wizard Quest offers you and your companions a unique entertainment experience you will not soon forget.

What is Wizard Quest?

Wizard Quest is a 13,000 square foot labyrinth, where you and a group of your friends and family search for clues to help rescue four imprisoned wizards. You do this by solving puzzles and answering riddles posed to you by dragons, as well as overcoming a variety of obstacles. Not everyone is eager to help you, however. There is an evil presence in the realm, known as Havoc, that desires nothing more than your destruction.

The labyrinth, otherwise known as the quadrasphere, consists of the realms of Air, Earth, Fire and Water. It is riddled with secret passageways, hidden entrances and even some traps. You must work with your team to overcome these obstacles and discover how to rescue the wizards. It is not enough to simply find the wizards, you also must gain enough glimmers (magic) to gain their release.

Who thought of this?

Wizard Quest is the result of a marriage between a game master, Kevin Ricks, and his wife Corena. Corena is a multimedia artist, and responsible for the amazingly detailed world of Wizard Quest. Kevin wanted to create an interactive game, Corena wanted to create a beautifully realized fantasy realm, and the rest his history.

The details

Wizard Quest is designed with teens and adults in mind, and takes around an hour and a half to complete. Adult entry fees are $14.99. For children 5-11 the price is $8.99.

A unique experience

There is nothing else like Wizard Quest anywhere in the world. If you like games, or even just great art, stop by to take a trip through the four realms. You will not be disappointed.


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