Cave of the Mounds® -National Natural Landmark-Blue Mounds


Cave of the Mounds is one of the most unique geological features found in Wisconsin. Designated a National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service, Cave of the Mounds provides a beautiful and educational look into the geological processes that lead to cave formation.

With its many unique formations, Cave of the Mounds is colloquially known as the "Jewel Box of Wisconsin." The cave is open for visitors year-round. A guided tour of the cave system will take visitors on a unique journey where they will see an exciting variety of stalagmites, columns, stalactites and other formations. Cave of the Mounds formed over millions of years as acidic water from the surface leached into the ground. Once in the ground, this acidic water began eroding limestone deposits deep inside the earth. Over time, these unique erosion patterns lead to the formation of the cavern.

Cave of the Mounds has a constant year-round temperature of 50 degrees. With many walking trails, picnic areas, rock gardens and other amenities, a visit to this unique geological system is the perfect destination for children and adults of all ages. Guided tours are available throughout the year. Discount rates are available for groups of 20 or more.

The cave receives its name from two large hills in Wisconsin known as the Blue Mounds. Found under the southern slope of one of these mounds, Cave of the Mounds has been used by humans for hundreds of years. First used by Native Americans, the cave system was later discovered by miners in 1939. Workers were removing limestone from a nearby quarry using blast techniques. One large blast revealed a huge underground chamber with beautiful structures and unique coloring.

Two decades ago, the NPS and the U.S.. Department of the Interior enrolled the cave in its National Natural Landmark program. With this designation, the cave system was recognized for its cultural heritage, scientific value and natural beauty.


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