Alligator Alley Adventures


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7 Reviews for Alligator Alley Adventures

:: Missouri

Great place to visit. My son and I love feeding the alligators.

:: Preston

Right by Mt Olympus so if you’re staying there this is a MUST!!! Alligator Alley is simply amazing because where else are you going to see these kinds of exotic creatures! I would never have been able to see a wild Anaconda in my life had I not taken the time to stop in of a quick look around. There are some seriously HUGE Gators there. I know my kids will love this next time I visit. Orlando, the owner was so knowledgeable and has rescued many of the exotic creatures there. 5 STARS for this unique attraction!!!!!

:: Texas

This is a must go to place where you can see the most exciting thing in the world happen right in front of you!!! I know I will always go back there with my kids!!! This is an experience you will never forget!!! Have Fun!! 🙂

:: La Crosse, WI

We love this place. We tell everyone we know to go there. Great people and very exciting place. We stop every time we go through the Dells. We even went every weekend in 2009 for about 3 months. Weird I know.

:: Chicago

This place has alot of things for you to try. Teens would love it. I fed the animals. They let you hold and take pictures with a snake and an alligator – makes a great keep-sake.

:: Illinois

Our family went today to feed the alligators. It was so much fun and it was a BIG hit with the grandkids and the grown-ups. It is a must to go to see. The owners made our visit very memorable. We also had the grandkids photos taken with the alligator and the pet dog. Loved it!!!


The family enjoyed watching the alligators frenzy over the food. They really liked holding the gator for the picture.


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