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Kitchens and Vacations

What do you look forward to on your vacations? New adventures? Wild attractions? Is there a secret to vacation perfection? A recent survey may have the cure to your vacation blues… and the answer might surprise you!

Focusing on 1,000 vacationers, a new survey shows that 90% of respondents said that having a decent kitchen significantly improved their vacation!

We’ve all been on the classic hotel vacation. Sink, mini-fridge, coffee, and if you’re lucky…. a microwave! But with 90% of folks approving of kitchen access on vacation, you may be asking yourself why? Kitchens are a welcome addition to families with small children, individuals who enjoy cooking, and anyone looking to pinch-pennies and save money! You have to admit… the idea of fueling up with a large breakfast, grabbing a quick snack on-the-go, having a family dinner, and saving time, money, and stress does sound pretty amazing! So here are some tips to help relieve stress and keep the bottomless-bellies full on your next vacation!

Save time. Save money. Save Stress.

Meal times tend to be some of the most hectic periods of the day, and pulling yourself away from fun and worrying about fueling-up tends to fall fairly low on the totem pole. With both large and small groups, coordinating meal-times and preferences can be quite hectic.  Going out for the day? Pack a picnic instead of hitting the drive-thru! Ham sandwiches or PB&Js will only cost a fraction of your chain restaurant bill, and are packed with protein! Plan wisely, lists are your friend! Include the sandwich essentials, fruit, and high-protein snacks on your trip to the grocery store! *TIP: Set out the sandwich stuff in the morning and let everyone in your group make their own sandwich, that way, everyone gets their favorite!

Let’s face it; eating out can be expensive when you rely on it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a large family. But vacation meals don’t need to cost you an arm-and-a-leg! *TIP: An easy, cheap family meal for kitchen-goers is spaghetti! Noodles and sauce are both fairly inexpensive, and coupled with a fresh loaf of toasted garlic bread makes for a delicious and fun dining experience!

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Having a kitchen on your vacation is a huge plus, but remember to use your pre-vacation time wisely!  Record your meal ideas and keep a list of ingredients, it will help make your trips to the grocery store more enjoyable. Survey responders said that bringing along ‘go-to’ recipes and focusing on meal preparation before the trip saved them time, money, and tons of stress while on vacation! *TIP: If you are the crafty-type, think about creating a cute menu with what you plan to serve! Kids will love feeling like they are at a restaurant!

Whether you choose to dine together or snack throughout the day, having a kitchen seems to cut down on chaos and expense, and saves you time to put towards more important things (like family and friends)!

Looking to add a kitchen to your next Wisconsin Dells vacation? There are plenty of lodging options to choose from that will have you in a vacation kitchen in no time! The Wilderness Resort offers kitchens with a woodsy, rustic, cabin feel. The Combination Suite, Safari Suite, and Royal Presidential Suite at Kalahari Waterpark Resort & Convention Center come with world-class kitchen and eatery areas. The Caribbean Club Resort offers 1 & 2 bedroom condo-type living spaces with full kitchens! Many of the condos, cottages, and homes with Sand County Condo Rentals also come equipped with kitchens! If the camp-scene is more your style, Holiday Shores Camp ResortRiver Bay Premier Camping Resort, and Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park all have cabin options with varying kitchen sizes!

Don’t feel obligated to cook and plan every meal, it does take time. Cooking also means the dreaded clean-up! Quite frankly, it’s nice to let someone else do that type of work while you enjoy your vacation! The Dells area is home to oodles of ‘easy-on-the-wallet’ eateries, many of which have fantastic views of the Wisconsin River! For a list of dining options in the Dells area, visit

Now that’s food for thought!