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January Movie Preview

Starting off the New Year with several action packed films, some involving magic and mystery, others horror and deceit, it’s going to be one thrilling month at the cinema.

The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box – 01/10

The perfect family adventure flick, this movie begins when Mariah Mundi’s parents vanish and his younger brother is kidnapped, sending Mariah on a whirlwind quest to save his brother and uncover his parents’ fate. His journey begins undercover at the Prince Regent Hotel where Mariah discovers the secrets of the Midas Box which not only grants limitless wealth but also destructive magical powers. Will Mariah be able to save his family and the change the doomed fate of the world?

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – 01/17

The fifth film in the Jack Ryan series, it will honor the late Tom Clancy who created the character. The movie stars Chris Pine (the 4th to assume this role) as Jack Ryan. Ryan is working as a junior analyst for the CIA when he discovers evidence of an upcoming terrorist attack. With this knowledge, he suddenly finds himself promoted to field agent and sent to Moscow where he meets Viktor Cherevin, the man leading the attack. However, Ryan is likely too late to stop the strike on global economy, especially when those closest to him might be conspiring against him.

The Nut Job – 01/17

Surly the squirrel’s mischievous ways get him kicked out of the park and forced to survive in the city. Grumpy and hungry, he winds up discovering a nut store and devises a plan to rob it in order to survive the winter. Enlisting the help of an unlikely group of newfound friends, Surly ends up on one crazy adventure that will save not only himself but the entire park. This is one animated feature that will keep the whole family giggling!

Reasonable Doubt – 01/17

Starring Dominic Cooper and Samuel Jackson, this chilling thriller is jam packed with thrills and plot twists. A district attorney ends up involved in a hit and run that puts another man in jail for not only this crime but several others as well, branding him a serial killer. Wracked with guilt, Cooper gets Jackson free only to discover he might not be so innocent after all.

That Awkward Moment – 01/31

Three friends are sworn into the single life to help a recently dumped pal, enter three flings that quickly turn into more. Due to their recent promise to stay single, the guys weave a tangled web of lies to hide their new relationships. The lies complicate both their friendships and their romances and lands the three guys in some crazy, hilarious scenarios. Starring Zac Efron, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan, this comedy will have you laughing for days!

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