Hot Dog AvenueGrowing up in Chicago, Hot Dog Avenue’s owner and founder Ralph and his family, continuously craved Chicago style food after moving to Wisconsin Dells. Since the Dells was lacking in good old Chicago hot dogs, he decided to open up a restaurant featuring the best Illinois has to offer. In March of 2010, Hot Dog Avenue was open for business, which immediately boomed. Everyone from locals to visitors flock to this restaurant to grab a bite of delicious food you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else other than Chicago itself.

“The best part is that customers come in tired from a long day and walk out shouting ‘thanks’ and grinning from ear to ear” states Ralph. “In fact, they often return the next day and usually make a point to stop by again if they make another trip to the Dells.”

Local support is also huge at Hot Dog Avenue, especially during the winter. The Fire, Police and EMS Departments are huge fans and are thanked for their heroics with a special discount. In fact, between the constant stream of both local and visiting customers, Hot Dog Avenue was happily forced to expand in fall of 2010 and now features a convenient drive-through window and a beautiful, spacious outdoor seating area.

Hot Dog AvenueWhile repeat customers have asked to have several items added to the menu, Hot Dog Avenue has obliged but only slightly as they prefer to keep their menu “simple but perfect.” This is an establishment that strives for flavor-bursting perfection within every bite. Although their cooked to order food may take longer than a fast-food restaurant, it is well worth the wait as they ensure a fresh cooked meal that will leave you coming back for more.

Every meal at Hot Dog Avenue is indeed enjoyed although the favorites seem to vary day to day. Wisconsin natives love the Green Bay Dog as a way to eat a delicious meal while showing their team pride. Other favorites include their famous Gyros and of course, the Chicago Dog.

If your mouth isn’t watering yet, it should be! If you need more convincing, head to www.tripadvisor.com or www.yelp.com where you can see all the thrilled customer comments. One satisfied customer wrote, “When you are in the Dells and want to grab some good food quick, you HAVE TO stop at the Hot Dog Avenue! The place is affordable too so you can take the entire family and enjoy delicious meal!” Also, a visit to Hot Dog Avenue’s page on yelp.com means a free coupon.

Hot Dog AvenueHot Dog Avenue is more than just great food. With its “ma and pop feel,” this place provides a wonderful setting where everyone feels like family. The employees and owners love personal interaction and building relationships with their customers. This is a place that truly cares and wants to give back to those who support them. One of the many ways they give back is through sponsoring the local semi-pro football team, the Tri-City Bulldogs.

If you are a lover of true Chicago style food or have just always wanted to try it, Hot Dog Avenue is the place for you! Fresh, incredible food is waiting for you along with a caring and fun atmosphere. Be sure to visit their Facebook page for upcoming events and specials.

For more information on Hot Dog Avenue or to place an order, contact them by phone at 253-2728. You can also go online to dellshotdogavenue.com or www.dells.com.