High Rock Cafe’s Throwback Month

Good news High Rock fans, they’re celebrating the arrival of Spring with a whole month of old menu favorites! Each week in April, rather than have a season’s freshest item, High Rock is featuring a special throwback menu. Tasty appetizers, hearty entrees, and delectable desserts, don’t miss out on a chance to enjoy some of your High Rock favorites once again.

The idea came about when discussing what to do for High Rock’s 10-year anniversary. We talked to the High Rock crew to get the scoop and here’s what they had to say: “We have constant requests from our loyal customer to bring back their favorite items. So we asked fans on our social media pages as well as those dining in the restaurant, which menu items they’d like to see back and created the throwback menus based on their responses.”

If all goes well this month, High Rock Cafe is thinking of making the throwback menus a feature every April. We were there for the starting day of the throwback menus and The Sconnie Rolls were an overwhelming favorite amongst the Dells.com group! This week’s menu also features the Lemon Lite dessert, which had the biggest demand amongst High Rock fans to bring back. “The Tahini Dream Pasta, Little Goomba, and The Freedom Dip Sandwich also had several requests.”

The throwback menus are just the beginning of what is sure to be a very exciting year for High Rock Cafe! “We are really excited to have an outdoor deck this summer, and we are remodeling our private dining room into a main dining room area, which will allow us to turn the bar area into more of a lounge/bar atmosphere.” Customers can also look forward to May’s season’s freshest menu, which will feature asparagus, as well as an updated late night tapas menu to compliment the new bar atmosphere.

“We like change and to keep the customers wanting more. They will follow our flavor.” We certainly will! This is sure to one delicious and busy month and summer for High Rock Cafe. Head to their Facebook page for detailed, weekly throwback menus: https://www.facebook.com/pages/High-Rock-Cafe/162130384448