Friday Fish Fry

If you’ve ever traveled to Wisconsin on a weekend, you’ve no doubt become familiar with signs that proudly announce a “Friday Night Fish Fry”, “All-You-Can Eat Fish Fry Friday” or other similar verbiage. Friday fish fries are popular throughout the country, but Wisconsin is the Friday Fish Fry Capital of the World. Why so many Friday Fish Fries in the Badger State?

Friday fish fries became popular in Wisconsin by the amount of German Catholics who inhabited the state in its early years. These Catholics were forbidden to eat meat on Fridays. Because of the amount of lakes and popularity of fishing in the state, fish became a Friday staple for many families. As restaurants and dining out became more popular, these fish fries became a popular way to attract customers on Fridays.

Today, a drive through the state will reveal Friday fish fries at many restaurants, church fund raisers, and service clubs. Wisconsin Dells is no exception. Here Friday fish fries are available at just about every dining establishment. Here, you will find terrific fried cod, perch, walleye and bluegill. Most of the time fish is fried in beer batter. Delicious traditional German sides include potato pancakes, rye bread and baked beans. Other common sides are cole slaw and French fries. Add a little fresh lemon, tartar sauce, and even some malt vinegar and you have a meal to please the palate.

If you want an amazing Friday night meal of fresh fried fish, head to the Dells. You have choices of simple casual fish fries at local bars, taverns and pubs with paper napkins and plates to fancier dining choices with more sophisticated fish selections and wines that are great for a date night.

Start your weekend in Wisconsin Dells by enjoying one of our famous Friday fish fries. Enjoy the entire weekend with outdoor and indoor activities for the whole family. It makes a great winter weekend get-a-away. Remember, anytime of the year there are always terrific dining and accommodation specials to take advantage of at the Dells! We look forward to seeing you!

Check out all the Wisconsin Dells restaurants that have Friday night fish fry:

  • Alamo Smokehouse
  • Big Moe’s
  • Buffalo Phil’s
  • Chalet Lanes
  • Cimaroli’s
  • Club 23
  • Del-Bar
  • Dells Distillery
  • Edge O’ Dells
  • Green Owl
  • High Rock Cafe
  • House of Embers
  • The Keg/Baja Cantina
  • Marley’s
  • Mitzi’s American Grill
  • Monk’s at The Wilderness
  • Moosejaw
  • Pizza Pub
  • Port Vista
  • Ravina Bay
  • River Walk
  • Sarento’s
  • Scooter’s Pub and Grill
  • Spring Brook Sports Bar & Grill
  • Trappers Turn
  • Check out more information about these dining options!