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Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Grab your sombrero and sandals, it’s Cinco de Mayo! While you spend time chomping on guacamole, nachos, and sipping on a margarita, here’s something to digest about what Cinco de Mayo is all about.

Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for the “Fifth of May”, is also known as the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla. In 1862 the Mexican army gained a military victory over the French forces of Napoleon III during the Franco-Mexican War. Within Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is primarily celebrated in the state of Puebla (where the triumph occurred) with parades, speeches, and reenactments of the Battle of Puebla. Many people believe that Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexico’s independence, when in reality the Battle of Puebla came nearly 50 years later!

Join us in celebrating Cinco de Mayo in the Dells! Check out your favorite hot-spot for dishes with a Mexican flare, or stop in at Mexicali Rose to enjoy some sizzling fajitas and perfect margaritas as you enjoy a view of the river!

For a full list of restaurants, visit: https://www.dells.com/restaurants/

Feliz Cinco De Mayo everyone!