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February Movie Preview

February is jam-packed with some cinematic masterpieces! Plenty of romance titles for lovebirds this month, as well as some winning romantic comedies and comedies alike, and to wrap it all up, some heart-stopping action and thriller flicks. Get out of the cold this month and warm up at Desert Star Cinema.

The Lego Movie – 02/07

Mistaken as The Great Masterbuilder, an ordinary mini-figure named Emmet gets recruited into a quest to save Legoland from Lord Business who intends to destroy the universe and then glue in back together in his image. Joined by a wizard, a new friend names Wyldstyle, Batman, Uni-Kitty, Benny and a pirate, can Emmet save Legoland?

Cavemen – 02/07

This romantic comedy stars Skylar Astin as Dean who decides he is done with his player ways and instead uses his ladies man charm to land a serious girlfriend. He enlists his best girlfriend Tess (Camilla Belle) to help him find the right girl. It isn’t until Tess starts dating his best guy friend Jay (Chad Michael Murray) that Dean realizes she might be “the one.”

Robocop – 02/12

When Alex (Joel Kinnaman), a good cop and all around loving husband and father, gets severely injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp steps in to “save his life” by making his part man, man robot. What Alex and his family don’t know is that OmniCorp controls the robot part of him. However, the compassionate man inside will fight the system when it comes to doing what’s just.

Winter’s Tale – 02/14

A star studded cast, this romance movie will make even the biggest of critics believe that true love can conquer all, including death and time. Thief Peter Lake (Colin Farrel) breaks into a house but instead of stealing possessions he ends up stealing the heart of Beverly Penn (Jessica Findlay) just as she steals his. Peter soon learns that Beverly is dying of tuberculosis. While trying to save himself from Irish gangster Pearly Soames (Russel Crowe), Peter might just save Beverly as well, even if it means spanning time to modern day Manhattan.

Endless Love – 02/14

Innocence gives way to reckless love when young, privileged and beautiful Jade Butterfield (Gabriella Wilde) meets handsome valet David Axelrod (Alex Pettyfer). When Jade’s parents attempt to force the two passionate lovers apart, it only pushes them to be crazier in the fight to prove their love.

The Bag Man – 02/28

Dragna (Robert DeNiro), a rich man with a lot of influence, hires Jack (John Cusack) to pick up and deliver a mysterious bag to him for a handsome payment. Told not to ever look in the bag, things go smoothly for Jack until he runs into Rivka (Rebecca Da Costa) who asks Jack for help in saving her life. Suddenly unsure who is trustworthy, Jack finds himself tangled in a very twisted web in the fight for possession of the ever so secretive bag.

No matter what kind of entertainment you’re looking for this month, you’re sure to find the ideal movie for you at Desert Star Cinema. Date night, girls night, guys night, family night, February has it all! For movie times and trailers head to