Eat Your Way Down Broadway

Downtown Wisconsin Dells is filled with incredible one-of-a-kind shops, lodging options, attractions, and of course, restaurants! If you’re looking for a place to dine or grab a quick bite to eat, you might find yourself overwhelmed with all of the options you’ll see along Broadway, which is the main street cutting through town! From Mom & Pop shops to family-owned restaurants, we’ve gathered our recommendations of where to dine when walking through Downtown Wisconsin Dells.

If it’s a Tuesday or Thursday, be sure to stop by Showboat Saloon for their famous Half-Priced Wings! There are over a dozen different flavors to choose from and are served either Traditional (bone-in) or Boneless. Each order comes with celery & ranch or blue cheese.

Belgiis Waffle Bar is open on select days and is a treat like no other. These waffles are meant to be eaten sandwich-style with you hands and come in many delicious flavors. There are also a lot of toppings to choose from.  These waffles are special Liege waffles made from dough & caramelized pearls of sugar, unlike traditional Belgian waffles, which are batter based.

When searching for something to fill you up that’s full of hearty flavor, the Tots at Dells Distillery are a treat that you’ll want more and more of. The potato “tater-tots” come in many different flavors and toppings such as pizza, meatball, cheeseburger, nacho, buffalo chicken, philly, cajun, and more! Each order of tots is enough for a meal and is served in a pie-tin!

MACS is an acronym for Macaroni And Cheese Shop, and their flagship restaurant on Broadway is a paradise for Macaroni & Cheese lovers! There are a dozen different flavor combinations to choose from, each served in a signature skillet and topped with a homemade toastie! I have to say, the Buffalo Chicken Mac is the best I’ve ever had.

Monk’s Bar & Grill has been around since 1947 and is famous for their Original Monkburger, which is served on a soft bun and melts into your mouth with flavor! If you’re not a burger fan, then you at least need to try their deep-fried Wisconsin white cheddar cheese curds. They’re so good!

The Season’s Freshest Menu at High Rock Cafe is a local favorite and changes monthly with new ingredients that each season has to offer. Usually they pick a fruit or vegetable and create phenomenal appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks incorporating that item! High Rock Cafe also features a full menu with entrees made from scratch. When you dine in, be sure to ask for a table upstairs in the overhang, so you can look down on Broadway below!

Restaurant El Asador, the newest Mexican Restaurant in Wisconsin Dells offers authentic street tacos, enchiladas, and all of your other Mexican food favorites! If you’re passing by and aren’t feeling the hunger pains, be sure to stop in for one of their signature margaritas!! Yumm!

The list above is just a sample of all the great eats available in Downtown Wisconsin Dells. Be sure to check out al of the great restaurants in the area: CLICK HERE