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Carnivorous Tour at High Rock Cafe

Can you name the 9 different cuts of a cow? Would you be able to label them on a diagram? If you answered “no” to either of those questions, then you need to check out the Carnivorous Tour at High Rock Cafe. Starting Wednesday January 7th, you’ll be able to “conquer the cow” as High Rock Cafe features a different cut of meat each week throughout the 9 week tour. Prizes will be awarded depending on how many times you visit High Rock throughout the 9 week period!

The schedule goes as follows:

Week 1- (Jan 7-13) Chuck

Week 2- (Jan 14-20) Brisket

Week 3- (Jan 21-27) Shank

Week 4- (Jan 28-Feb 3) Rib

Week 5- (Feb 4-10) Short Plate

Week 6- (Feb 11-17) Short Loin

Week 7- (Feb 18-24) Flank

Week 8- (Feb 25-Mar 3) Sirloin

Week 9- (Mar 4-10) Round

High Rock Cafe is located at 232 Broadway in Downtown Wisconsin Dells and open 7 days a week. Please visit their website for more information about the Carnivorous Tour and to view High Rock’s current menu.