An Easter Bunny Tail: Emma and the Easter Bunny

While spring break and warmer temperatures revive us, many have put their belief in the Easter Bunny behind. Already relegated to playing second-fiddle to Santa Claus, far too many no longer give the furry fellow a second thought. But not little Emma.

The seven year old already had her belief in the bunny challenged by friends at school. For Emma though, her belief was really important this Easter. Her dad had his hours cut back at work last year, and Christmas was almost non-existent. Shopping trips with her mom had become “window shopping” trips. She heard her parents complaining about the unusually high heating bills due to the cold winter. But Easter was coming soon, and Emma looked forward to the annual shopping trip with her mom. The two would take a day and buy new outfits for Easter Sunday. She especially loved the oversized hats they would buy, and the laughs they would have.

During one of the window shopping trips to the mall, her mom had to break the news to her. This year there would be no new dresses for the two. There would be no new funny hats and quite possibly, the Easter Bunny may not come to their house at all this year. The news brought tears to Emma’s eyes, which in turn, brought tears down the face of her mom. The two stayed silent as they held hands and walked through the busy mall.

Up ahead, Emma’s Mom could see a costumed bunny but, given the circumstances, she was in no mood. Not now. But the bunny was headed right for them. “That’s quite the costume” her mom thought to herself while hoping to avoid an encounter. Before she knew it, Emma had broken her grasp and had her arms around the Easter Bunny with the oversized character simply nodding.

“I’m sorry” Emma’s mom said as she approached the pair. “It’s OK, mommy.” Emma said looking up. “He’s coming for Easter….I KNOW it!” Slightly annoyed that the character had gotten her daughter’s hopes up, the pair immediately left.

It didn’t take long for Emma to burst through the door upon arrival at home.

“Dad, the Easter Bunny IS coming this year!” Emma announced.

“Yeah, I know but how did you…” her dad said, and then turned to his wife “Honey, they announced at work today the company has been bought out. Not only are my hours getting restored I’ve been asked to be a manager! It’s a very significant raise!”

Easter Sunday was sweet with candy, toys and colored eggs. Then of course, there was the annual photo. There was Emma and her mom, wearing their pretty new dresses. This year there were particularly big smiles beaming from beneath the especially funny hats.

Happy Easter from Wisconsin Dells!

It’s a blessing to be able to spend this holiday celebrating with family and friends! Be sure to check out our Easter blog for everything going on in The Dells this holiday weekend.