2012 Wo-Zha-Wa Wisconsin Dells

A simple question like “What does Wo-Zha-Wa mean?” garners a variety of definitions from locals and tourists but there is one that they can all agree on “to have fun!” The middle of September always marks a special weekend for Wisconsin Dells. Originally a weekend to celebrate the end of the summer season it has developed into three days of crafts, rides, food, games and fun. This year’s festival was well-attended and so many spectacular memories were made that even the most seasoned of Wo-Zha-Wa goers called this one the best yet!

Friday kicked off the three days with the opening of the concession stands, rides, games, antique flea market, and craft fair booths. The smell of fair food filled the air including favorites such as kettle corn and funnel cakes as well as more unique delicacies like alligator on a stick. The Wo-Zha-Wa 4 mile and half marathon run was the featured event on Saturday along with a lot more crafting, eating and partying. Sunday brought the 100 unit parade, an awesome finish to a jam packed weekend of fun!