At Wisconsin Dells, The Waterpark Capital of the World,  vacations don’t have to break the bank.  The Travel & Attraction Guide, with a readership of over 2 million, provides inside information for planning a Wisconsin Dells vacation on a budget.  Take advantage of all of the savings opportunities you’ll find inside. This book highlights the best deals to be found throughout the area and creative ways to stretch a dollar. 

This guide is the area’s most extensive and thorough travel resource, providing families with essential information for an unforgettable vacation.  The Wisconsin Dells Travel & Attraction Guide©, the most representative publication of the Dells area, contains more attractions, more accommodations, a greater selection of dining destinations and some of the best shopping around!  From antique to street chic…we’ve got you covered.  

The 2009 Wisconsin Dells Travel & Attraction Guide© is available as an online version at, the most-visited travel planning website for the Wisconsin Dells region with more than 45 million viewers, or at, Wisconsin’s premier travel website with over 16 million viewers.  Visit these sites and click to receive printable online coupons for savings found throughout the state.   

At either of these sites, guests can simply flip through the book with a click of their mouse. Convenient headers make getting to any section of the book a breeze. Plus, if a consumer sees an ad of interest to them in the online publication, they can be automatically linked to that advertiser’s website simply by clicking on the ad.  

With the largest and most thorough distribution delivery service, printed copies of the 2009 Wisconsin Dells Travel & Attraction Guide© are currently available locally and throughout the state.  We will also mail it directly to you; when you order our Wis. Dells Info Pack, the guide is included along with brochures from area businesses as well as a local and state map.

The Wisconsin Dells Travel & Attraction Guide©, in publication for more than 30 years, is produced by Ad-Lit Inc. and Ad-Lit Web Solutions, located at 211 Pioneer Dr. in Wisconsin Dells. For more information visit or call 608-254-8770.