Conquer a Burger In The Dells!

Posted: September 20, 2016
Edited: November 14th, 2017

When the lunch hour rolls around and the hunger pains start soaring, it’s time to think about getting some food. There are many great places to eat in the Dells, but a few of these establishments are known for their big, juicy burgers that will fill you up!

Located at both the Wilderness Resort and in Downtown Wisconsin Dells, Monk’s Bar & Grill has been serving their signature Monkburgers since 1947! These burgers are what made Monk’s famous! The burger bun is so soft and the burger is so juicy that I need to use both hands to eat these burgers! A visit to Monks wouldn’t be complete without an order of their lightly-battered cheese curds!

B-Lux Grill & Bar is located at 1481 Wisconsin Dells Parkway and offers delicious, gourmet burgers with a homey, contemporary atmosphere. Each of their burgers has their signature “B” branded on the bun! Be sure to pair your burger with one of their creamy shakes or if you’re of age, an alcoholic shake at B-Lux!

If you’re super hungry and competitive, then you might want to try the Juicy Bobber Burger Challenge at Bobbers Island Grill! If you finish this 3 lb burger by yourself in less than 30 minutes, you’ll get a free T-shirt! Just a word of advice, don’t fill up on the beer-battered fries first!

Although Showboat Saloon advertises their cheeseburger as the “11th best in town” I believe it’s rated higher on the list! The 1/3 lb. patty comes with your choice of cheese, lettuce & tomato. Like a true Wisconsinite, I order mine with a side of cheese curds! Be sure to pair your burger with one of Showboats 24 different tap beer & ciders!

Take a seat at Spring Brook Sports Bar & Grill and you’ll wish you could spend every game day there. Spring Brook’s menu includes a large variety of items for both kids and adults, including over 10 flavors of wings and delicious 1/2 lb burgers! My favorite is the Green & Gold Burger, which consists of fresh cut jalapeños, crispy bacon, and Wisconsin cheddar cheese!

The BBQ, Bacon, & Cheddar Burger at UNO Chicago Grill is just as tasty as it sounds! This burger is made with garlic mayo and Uno’s own Wowza Sauce that is infused with Samuel Adams Boston Lager! The fresh, never frozen burgers are 1/2 lb and served with lettuce, tomato, onion, fries and a pickle!

If you’re looking for a great sports bar in the Dells that is for the whole family, then visit Kickers and enjoy one of their Kickin’ Burgers! This 1/2 pound burger is topped with applewood smoked bacon, pepperjack cheese & pickled jalapeños, and then smothered in a spicy remoulade sauce! While at Kickers, enjoy the vintage and entertaining decor that lines the walls!

Every one of these locations offers an extensive menu everyone is sure to love! However, we challenge fellow burger lovers to try each of these unique and mouth-watering patties on your next trip to Wisconsin Dells.