Yukon Trails RV Resort & Campground


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1 Review for Yukon Trails RV Resort & Campground

Our first stay at Yukon was kind of out of desperation. I believe it was about 5 years ago. We had stayed at a camp ground near the Dells early in the season. We had a good time, kids had fun too. We had decided to go back at the end of the season, so my wife started calling places, including the camp ground we stayed at prior. Every single call she made was met with negative responses and we felt we were actually being discouraged from staying at these places. They didn’t want to be bothered. I guess that is the way it is up there, and us, new to camping near the Dells, didn’t know this. My wife kept at it and stumbled across Yukon Trails. Ralph the manager answered the phone, and to my Wife’s surprise, he was friendly and inviting. He told her “heck yah, you can come up here”. He continued explaining that it was the end of the season, and they would probably not have a lot of campers there. However, he assured us that he would do his best to make sure we and the kids had a great time. Well, we did have a great time. When we travel, we like to stay at the Jellystone camp grounds, because of the kid friendly stuff. The following year (I think) we gave the Jellystone up there and Yogi a shot. It was fun, kids had a great time. So we left it up to them (we have 5 kids) and the decision was unanimous, when we go camping in the Dells, we stay at “Mr. Ralph’s” place (as they know it). We now have two seasonal sites, and my in laws have a seasonal site as well. We keep our rigs there at Yukon year round. When we leave on a camping trip it starts at Yukon, and ends there when we return. Through out the summer we are at Yukon as much as my schedule allows, and my kids have never been anything but excited to go. Sometimes we bring as many as 8 other kids with us (our kids friends) and they all have a blast as well. The grounds are nice, the people that live there in the summer are great and friendly, Can’t say enough about Ralph the manager, and his people that work the property are exceptional too (probably because of who they work for). I know I am rambling here, but one quick safety story: My oldest daughter was out with her friends exploring the trails. Three of her friends came back to our site where I always am, because I man the smoker all day when we are there. They reported to me that my daughter and another friend were missing. Ralph was cruising by in his golf cart as he does quite often, and he asked what was wrong. I told him and before I could say anything else he was on his radio sending his people out in the woods. He told me jump in (his cart). It took about 5 minutes and they found her. My daughter was extremely embarrassed (and mad at me), when I pulled up on her, her friend and two of Ralph’s workers, in Mr Ralph’s golf cart. She insisted she was not lost, maybe she wasn’t. Point is, the guy cares, and acts fast to ensure everyone’s safety and well being in the park. We love it at Yukon, and as long as Mr. Ralph is there, we will be there. The events he puts on are awesome. By the way, when is the next pig roast??? I can honestly tell you that you do not need to take my word for it, just check it out yourself, and make sure you find Mr. Ralph and introduce yourself. See for yourself if I am accurate. Jeff B