River’s Edge Bait Shop and Boat Rental


Whether you want to spend the day fishing or just cruising lazily down the river, you can find everything you need at River's Edge Bait Shop and Boat Rental in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. This is the place you've dreamed about, the place you've waited for, the place made for you that takes relaxation to another level.

It's the perfect family vacation spot, with loads of activities for all ages and interests! The kids will enjoy spending their time in the area's many indoor waterparks! That's how Wisconsin Dells earned its nickname, "Waterpark Capital of the World!"

After all, who says that you have to fly south for the winter? This year, do something different - go north! In the land of blue skies and clean air, you'll feel your spirit soar! You will be able to enjoy meals on a budget or, if the mood strikes you, fine dining at some of Wisconsin's best restaurants! Either way, you'll have lots to pick from and enjoy! In fact, you'll wonder how you're going to do everything in just one day! The answer? Stay for more days!

River's Edge can provide you with your choice of boat rentals at reasonable rates and you can rent the fishing rods, too! No excuses here not to have a good time!

So, if you're the type of person who enjoys the outdoors, Wisconsin Dells is the perfect place for you! Come visit and stay with us - you'll be glad you did!

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