Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!


Since the 1933 World's Fair, Robert Ripley has been entertaining people with his collection of oddities and the unusual. What started as a fair exhibit later expanded to radio and books and subsequently to The Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum which has almost 40 locations across the globe.

The weird and unusual begins even before visitors enter the Museum in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Above the main entrance to the museum is the tail end of a plane, which has seemingly crashed into the building. In the parking lot, one side of the building is painted to mimic a parking lot and there is even a car "parked" in one of the spaces.

Once inside, guests can explore exhibits and collections that range from interesting and unique to the macabre. They can also see the front end of the "plane crash" they witnessed outside. A vampire exhibit is among the most popular and includes a shrunken vampire head. An interactive King Tut exhibit, complete with secret passages, dares only the bravest guests to explore. The Ripley's museum in Wisconsin Dells has eight galleries spread over two floors and a suspension bridge for traveling from one side of the second floor to the other.

From a 5,000 year old bottle of beer to a portrait of Elvis made out of butterflies, this museum is full of bizarre and peculiar items from all around the world. Additionally, the museum has over a half dozen video presentations including one about Robert Ripley. There are also two sit-down theaters for special movies and video screenings.


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