Red Ridge Ranch Riding Stable- Mauston


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2 Reviews for Red Ridge Ranch Riding Stable- Mauston

:: Chicago

I have been coming to the Dells for the past few years with my husband. He is a true city boy and has never been horseback riding so we decided to do that this trip. After reading the few reviews I could find, I decided to try out Red Ridge Ranch. When we pulled up, the place was clean, inviting and the staff was nice. The price isn’t bad either $18 a person if you have the $3 coupon for a 1 hour guided trail ride. The horses all appeared to be healthy and were treated well by the staff. One thing I didn’t like is the owner a short blonde lady was rude to her staff and to us the customers. She told my husband if he was going to continue holding the reigns how he was than he couldn’t ride her horses. I mean come on, he’s never been on a horse before, cut the guy some slack. she also snapped at her employees right in front of us. The tour itself was okay. the scenery kinda boring some hay fields and through a small forest. We did about 3 seconds of trotting, the rest of the trail was at a slow pace. We went up one small hill and back down that same small hill. The tour guide was a younger kid and he seemed knowledgeable and nice and kept everyone talking. Overall okay experience.

:: Minnesota

This was the best horse back riding ever. We spent the extra money to ride private and it was a blast. Don’t waste your time to go anywhere else go to Red ridge Ranch they makes you feel at home. This will be our Wisconsin Dells stop ever year. A family time we will not forget. We will be back next year.


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