Meadowbrook Resort


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2 Reviews for Meadowbrook Resort

:: Madison

This is a great place with excellent service. Kids loved the indoor pool with the bears and bubblers. Would definitely stay again.

:: Racine

I really liked our room aside from the bed being uncomfortable. It was VERY CLEAN and I loved the hotel/room d├ęcor. Staff was very pleasant. However, we were disappointed in our package. They really “fluff” the packages to make you feel like you’re getting more than you really are. For example, the wine tasting in the romance package is FREE at the winery. No coupon is needed. The box of chocolates was a tiny 4 piece box, the candle was tiny, the movie theater tickets are for a movie theater outside of the Dells, the free sandwich is actually a BOGO offer, etc. Just a little disappointing that they do this. Be sure to check that you received everything listed online as we were missing a coupon and one of the gift certificates was supposed to be for $25 and since that particular restaurant closed they swapped it for a $20 (-$5) certificate to a chain restaurant, which is not what we wanted. The manager did allow us to trade it in for something else though and handled the situation well. For the money we spent though I feel that we should have gotten what was expected. I think for that price I would rather stay somewhere that has a waterpark or even a restaurant in the hotel. Had they been more honest about what we would be receiving I would have given this more stars. Deceiving guests is not acceptable.


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