Beaver Springs Fishing Park


Beaver Springs Fishing Park in Wisconsin Dells offers a variety of entertainment for visitors. One attraction is the aquariums, which house a variety of local fish. Most of the fish are outdoors in concrete tanks, and visitors have the opportunity to feed them pellets and watch them eat.

Fishing is obviously one of the things to do at Beaver Springs Fishing Park. While pole rentals are cheap, visitors report a total price of about $50 for fishing of the park's farm-raised stock. There are several pools to choose from. While this is nothing like fishing on a river, it does practically guarantee that some fish will be caught. It is important to note that there is reported to be a $20 fee for every fish thrown back, so only catch what you intend to eat.

Horseback riding is another option for visitors to this park. Well-trained horses and their riders are guided around a roughly circular track for between 40 minutes and an hour. These rides are good for kids and those unused to being on the back of an animal.

The final offering is the taxidermy inside one of the park buildings. This features animals like peacocks and wolves. While the mounted animals are a bit old, they offer children a chance to see some species that they normally wouldn't be able to look at up close.

Overall, Beaver Springs Fishing Park offers some experiences that children may find enjoyable. Fishing is close to sure-fire, and the horseback riding is not challenging.


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