Tommy Bartlett Show


For 66 years the Tommy Bartlett Show, staged on beautiful Lake Delton, has captivated audiences of all ages. Tommy Bartlett began his long and celebrated career as a showman, in radio broadcasting, at the tender age of 13. His thrilling water-ski shows have since toured the world and entertained over 50 million delighted fans.

Summer 2019 features the Greatest Show on H2O, daily, at 4:30 & 8:30 p.m., from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. The world-renowned Tommy Bartlett water-ski team revs up the action – with high-flying tricks and lots of fun, the Tommy Bartlett water-skiers are Livin’ the Dream! This summertime extravaganza features a mix of fast-paced trick skiing, barefooting, jumps, flips, Jet Ski stunts and high-powered boat maneuvers. Don’t miss the amazing FlyBoard, a high-flying water-jet-propelled board that powers its rider up into the sky to perform flips and twists, then diving back down into the water. Our patriotic signature three-tier human pyramid is a photo-op you won’t want to miss!

This electrifying Show also brings family-friendly comedy to the act. Laugh with your children as Aqua the Waterskiing Clown delights them with his clumsy water antics.

On shore, world-class thrill performers keep the adrenaline pumping with breath-taking feats and a mix of light-hearted humor. Revving up the action, the Nerveless Nocks go full-throttle, racing motorcycles inside the Globe of Thunder. At 18 feet tall, the steel globe hugs the riders in, as they race around in circles and even upside down, narrowly missing one another. The Fausto Scorpions balance, spin and propel each other into the air performing flips and twists, using only the power of their feet and legs. TJ Howell, along with his son Carson, juggles everything but the kitchen sink, while mixing in some light-hearted humor!

A dazzling display of lights, music and color make up a grand finale during the evening show that you won't want to miss. You'll be impressed by this moving tribute to our nation and those who serve to protect it.

It's what summers are made of – action, adventure, music and memories on the lake!


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