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Wisconsin Dells Weather

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, weather forecast

Wisconsin Dells Weather Fun Facts

The state record of 114 degrees was recorded on July 13, 1936 in Wisconsin Dells.

The average spring temperature in Wisconsin Dells is 45 degrees. In the
summer months the temperature can reach into the 90's or close to the
100's but averages 73 degrees.

During the autumn color changes the temperature is
generally close to 50 degrees and during the winter it averages 20
degrees, although it does reach below zero at times.

On Washington's Birthday in 1922 (February 22), an ice storm destroyed power lines and trees in Wisconsin Dells.

The annual snowfall in the Wisconsin Dells area is about 30 inches.

On September 14, 1938, the Wisconsin River reached an astonishing
height of 23.8 feet, the loud roaring waters of the Narrows could be
heard from as far away as River Road. One foot of water covered Hwy. 12
and Stand Rock Road was closed.

Several weeks in May & June 2008 brought record
rainfalls and extreme flash flooding. On June 9, 2008, Lake Delton -
affected by the flooding - breached it's banks at Hwy A and carved a
300 foot wide valley to the Wisconsin River on the other side. It
emptied in less than 4 hours destroying several homes and affecting
many businesses and attractions on the lake.

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