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Lake Delton

Welcome Back Lake Delton 2009

June 9, 2009

Lake Delton


The “Welcome Back Lake Delton” extravaganza kicked off this morning under a cloudless sky beside a fresh, new, gleaming Lake Delton. The festivities began with entertainment from the area’s most popular musical act, The Swing Crew. Later in the morning, 15 boats paraded across Lake Delton outfitted with everything from tropical to patriotic themes including Tommy Bartlett’s Space Shuttle Atlantis. The Boat Parade thrilled and impressed the crowd and celebrity judges reminding everyone why Lake Delton is such an asset to the community. Amongst all the other inventive and creative boats, the Wilderness Resort emerged the winner of the “Lake Delton Cup” with their wild and realistic nature theme.

After the epic Boat Parade, Governor Jim Doyle spoke about his own personal experiences in Wisconsin Dells and those of his friends and families to remind everyone what the Wisconsin Dells is about and the happy memories it has provided to generations. The Governor concluded the morning by presenting City officials with a commemorative plaque in honor of their achievement to restore Lake Delton and to christen the new Dells Duck appropriately named “Delton’s Glory”.

The festivities will continue into the night with free Tommy Bartlett Shows at 4:30 pm and 8:30 pm.

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Welcome Back Lake Delton!

The return of Lake Delton in time lapse photography

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